Our Culture

Marriott Waters Thai is more than your regular suburban Thai Restaurant.  We’ve created an authentic dining experience that allows you to enjoy quality fresh food, exquisite taste and excellent service, just as you would in Thailand. 


Head chef Mali was raised on her family’s farm in Thailand.  Planting rice, fishing and foraging to find the best ingredients in the bush were all a normal part of her upbringing.  She has brought this traditional work ethic and experience to Australia and fused it beautifully into modern Thai cuisine for locals to enjoy.


Ever at the forefront of Thai cooking, Mali is constantly developing her skills to make fresh, wholesome meals, delivered with a level of love and warmth that only the Thai people possess.  And while she’s not out on the backroads of Lyndhurst looking for herbs and spices, she ensures that the produce that is used in our kitchen, is the freshest and tastiest, sourced from the very best.  


We hope our restaurant will become a favourite of yours, and look forward to welcoming your family into ours.